BPRD has

  • really good treatment of female characters
  • a grab bag of excellent monster/people characters, complete with very well done exploration of identity and belonging
  • some of the best monster designs in comics
  • post-apocalyptic fun
  • mythology!
  • a very interlocking and…
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Arch enemy relationships can be tricky things. Sure, there’s an element of animosity when two powerful forces face off against each other over and over, but there are also more complicated emotions going on that tie the two together. That’s the case when co-writers and spouses Chondra Echert and Claudio Sanchez’bring "Translucid," a 6-issue miniseries with art by Daniel Bayliss, to BOOM! Studios.

In the pages of “Translucid,” which debuts on April 16, villain The Horse determines that The Navigator isn’t quite living up to the heroic ideal. The Horse then decides to dive deep into The Navigator’s psyche and dig around to find out exactly what turned a normal person into a dark hero.

Echert — who runs the couple’s comic book imprint Evil Ink Comics — and Sanchez, the lead singer and guitarist for Coheed and Cambria, previously teamed up on BOOM! books like "Key of Z" and "Kill Audio."They’re excited to mix Echert’s relative newness to the world of superheroes with Sanchez’s longstanding fandom in a comic that will, they hope, appeal to both audiences when the book launches this spring.

Read the full article here!

A protagonist with decaying morals and an antagonist that tries to help him via unorthodox means yes please.

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So I was browsing

and the tumblr url ‘cloaca’ is taken

but ‘penis’ is not.

Edit: I think Justin’s right because it can’t be claimed. Tumbles, ruining all the fun since 2007.

Edit: This doesn’t make sense because vagina is taken!! What the heckles Tumbles.

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My half of the trade with 0chromat who is amazing and I am unworthy grovel grovel etc. (also this is not canon unless you agree with it but yeah RGB sucks at relationships go figure)

also I know all of you are going to be going WHA about some of this but you know better than to ask for an explanation from me :|b


fuck i ship it fuck fuck fuck.

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Today was 20°C and tomorrow is going to snow. I give up on weather.

Otherwise, I’ve wanted to draw these two for years. Surprise smooching under the snow!

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too early for fanart? nah…

too early for fanart? nah…

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oh my god are you done homework also these are SO COOL!!!! WHAT!!!!

Yes, yes I am!! Guess this is the official announcement that I’m done school (minus two more days of classes) for the next four months!!!!!!!!!!

lies down and weeps

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so it snowed today, guess we’re ending winter on a bang. doodles inbetween commissions and tarots, heheh.

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Something’s in my eye.

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Houston, I feel fine.


Houston, I feel fine.

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